Being born in 1982, ina house with a drum kit in the basement and a father who liked hitting it more than anything else, the sound of a base drum was one of the first things that entered marks ears. the addiction to drum sounds never faded.

Ten years later, when the first personal computer set foot in his bedroom, the poor thing was immediately equipped with fast tracker ii. something the 486 processor wasn't really used to. 

Alongside his hardworking friend, a couple of turntables (one without pitch control) popped up, together with a two channel mixer wit no eq and a 1970's tape recorder.

Seeing what mega stacks of equipment are available today, it cracks you up how much fun these pieces of simple machinery gave him. Hour after hour, night after night, fiddling with samples, or the few12"records he could afford, became almost an obsession.

Times changed, and so did the equipment. fast tracker and the old turntables had to go, but the fun remained. In 2003 came the first official dj gig and in that same year mark started organizing his own events. dj'ing was a major way of leaving daily troubles behind, and even after all these years, the bedroom mixer is still used regularly. 

And after 18 years of screwing around with al sorts of electronic sounds, somehow some knowledge of modern day music production and some talent appeared, with some great tracks as a result. in 2011, the first tracks were released on bwg rec., elevation rec. and strøm rec, and recieved support from artists like felix neumann, paul hazendonk, sis, nick holder and paco osuna. those first releases gave him a big inspiration boost, producing more beats than ever, although his neighbors might not appreciate that as much as he does :-).

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